It is increasingly hard to take the management of the BBC seriously. I have no idea who was in the 'Green Room' with Carol Thatcher (of whom I am no fan) but to be concerned because they disapproved of her describing somebody (probably because she couldn't remember the name) as 'the gollywog' (presumably as much because of his hair style as his colour) is derisable. The word itself cannot be offensive unless some racist tries to make it so and some recipient feels it so.

Since the same could apply to any word chosen by racists for this purpose we could eventually lose the use of the entire English language as the formerlly correct becomes progressively unusable. We should not forget that the word 'lavatory' was once a polite euphemism for shit-house. Now we have euphemisms for lavatory and Americans call it the bathroom. It is time to stop the proper use of words being an offense and realise that the misuse and the deliberate use of words to slander or libel is the only offence that should be recognised as such.

Things said on the air are a different matter. They engage the responsibility of the broadcasting company. Jonathan Ross was likely rebuked. He sets a very poor example in many ways, being an opinionated, loudmouthed git with a very high opinion of his agile but meagrely informed mind. He is seriously overpaid.

As for Jeremy Clarkson, calling Gordon Brown an idiot is not going to enhance the listeners' opinion of Clarkson's own intelligence. Brown certainly knows a lot more about his subjects of politics and economics that Clarkson does about cars, where his knowledge is in my view superficial as it is on the other matters he has made some albeit entertaining films about.

He praised the Australian PM for appearing to be scared out of his wits by the economic situation, and calls Gordon Brown an idiot for not appearing equally panic stricken. The situation is every bit as scary as the Australian PM.thinks it is but his overt fear may be because he has only just realised it could be like that and wished to deny all responsibility. Gordon Brown will have been only too well aware for some time, as we can see from his now ancient public statements that the world financial system was in crisis, and therefore knows it has to be tackled. Australia has serious water problems, the UK has personal and industrial debt problems, and the whole world has a serious problem caused largely by idiots who think like Jeremy Clarkson, impressed by growth, power, size, speed, quantity, winning and to hell with the consequences.

The BBC will of course let Clarkson and Ross plough on regardless of the damage both do, as it is now run by people I shall spare you from comment on. If they did it in the name of free speech that would be fine, but we see from the Carol Thatcher episode this is not the case. The future will deal with them.