OCTOBER 21 2007
"Dejected England fans were left to drown their sorrows after watching their heroes crash to defeat in the World Cup final."

Nobody crashed to defeat or anything else. South Africa won the  World Cup. England were runners up, played a good game, put in a terrific effort. The only thing that has crashed in the UK these days is our media, which is apparently largely owned and controlled by the scum of the earth, to whom headline writers and a majority of commentators grovel for their daily bread.

Once a 'game' turns professional it become meritocratic providing theere is reasonable equalit of opportunity. In some countries it has been effectively nationalised, though that depends on the political complexion of the country in question and the possibilties of sponsorship as much as the decisions ans efforts of those inviolved directly in the sport. Bur team sporting fixtures are essentially a personal event - people playing a game. If they are good enough they may be chosen to represent their country, but the game is not a contest between nations. Rugby it is a contest between two teams, playing a game they have chosen, to test their skill,.perseverance and team work. There is no trational or emotional reason why any Rugby fan should feel dejected.

For some reason there are those who think Lewis Hamililton must now win the Formula One World Championship for Britain to retore national well-being. Why? It's completely idiotic.