Treason is a very general charge, the equivalent to some extent of the United States' "plotting to overthrow the constitution" or similar phraseology.
It is clearly behaviour which relieves the state and constitution in question from its obligation to protect those found guilty.

Inciting or preaching Treason is a serious offence and if this is not clear it should be made clear, in law. In logic, it gives the state in question not just the right but the duty to imprison or deport those found guilty.

That does not mean it should be the charge brought against people who are obviously abusing the freedom of speech to encourage others to murder, though they may be guilty of Treason as well.

All this is so obvious that it is absurd that it should now become a subject of public debate unless we think that this is the way to inform the general public, having falied completely to educate them at school.

Aug 8th 2005