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Nat. Service RAF 1957-8

Tiger Club
The Tiger Club Turbulent Team
The first Tiger Club Turbulent Team display was in August 1959, the team has been
a regular part of the display circuit ever since.

Airshow stuff: Turb Scramble and Box 4 ca. 1961&62, Farnborough 1964 and a couple of old photos!

The Tiger Club, 2 volume set
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One of the world's oldest flying clubs, The Tiger Club provides a means for those
who take an active role in light aeroplane racing, displays, aerobatics, ...

A new book:: ‘Tiger Club’ by Michael Jones. ...Tiger Club’ is
the third volume of the history of the Club and sub titled ‘The Redhill Saga’ ...
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Strange Adventures 1960-1968 (click to read)

1965 - Winner of first post-war Isle of Man International Air Rally in Jodel Mascaret GASKL
Co-Pilot Martin Barraclough

Sir Geoffrey de Havilland Memorial Flypast - July 1965

Representative for IAOPA and FAI on the ICAO Frequency Coordinating Body 1965-70
International Council of Aircraft Owner and Pilot Association
Non-profit organization representing international general aviation.

Winner of the first (and only?) Heineken Trophy, Elstree 1968?, in first UK built formula one racer The Luton Beta  G-ATLY - come on Wikipedia, get your facts straight, I can't be my own historian.and my ex- has got the cup somewhere with the date on it.

1966 Founder Member and first Secretary of   The Air Squadron  

Winner of Norton Griffiths Trophy, Tees-Side ca.1965/6?, establishing unbeaten lap speed record in "Ballerina" for a Cosmic Wind
formula 1 racer
(also found a photo here http://www.abpic.co.uk/photo/1000957/ of Ballerina at Bagington (Coventry) Air Pageant.

A Delivery to Teheran - 1967

Sole UK and Irish Distributor for SIAI MARCHETTI    1968-1974
I have to find all the Arthur Gibson photos for this era, including leading the Red Arrows over Gloucestershire.
Well, I found that one at last. And now (added Dec 13th 2011).....
Terry Kingsley, Pete Evans and Arthur Gibson's amazing landing and take off from a Flores beach using palm and banana leaves in the London-Australia Air Race.
You will have to register to watch this 30 minute film. Full screen recommended.
That link goes to part II with the beach sequence, to get the full story go to Part I first.

More recent history and details of this great aeroplane

http://www.pilotfriend.com/aircraft performance/siai.htm
http://www.aermacchi.it/files/SF260_Technical Documentation Index Ed.02-02-2011_0.pdf
http://sf260w.com/index.html - an unofficial SF260 US file!

British Team Manager, World Aerobatics 1968 (Magdeburg, E. Germany)  -  Assistant Judge, World Aerobatics 1972 (Salon, France)
World Aerobatic Champions since the first World Championships was held in 1960.

Secretary, Statutes Committee of FAI - 1975-1990
Fédération Aéronautique Internationale - FAI
World air sports federation, was founded in 1905 and is a non-governmental and
non-profit making international organization with the basic aim of furthering ...

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