An example of an appropriate diet is:  

Breakfast: Dorset High Fibre Cereal (available from most supermarkets)
[There is no good substitute for the above. It contains cereals, fruit and nuts in the right proportion and quality]. Add a sliced banana. Pour on one pot of Actimel (or Yakult) and a Soya milk substitute.   

During the day, drink one litre of Breakfast Juice or Pineapple & Orange or Cranberry juice.  

Mackerel, Sardines or Pilchards should be eaten three times a week.  

Wholemeal bread, toasted, spread with Flora Pro-active should be eaten every day (2 slices minimum).
Broccoli, Beetroot, Radishes, Cauliflower, Carrots 3 times a week each.  

Salad with olive oil, vinegar and garlic 3 times a week.  

Honey  is good if a sweet tooth calls for sugar. Otherwise, NO SUGAR AT ALL.  

Other fruit and veg as desired, but the above are compulsory.

Tomato Ketchup is OK.
Covent Garden Fresh Soups are recommended

Note on balancing alkali and acids:
    Some Alkali forming foods are: Most fresh veg and fruit, honey, garlic, onions, nuts, avocado, mushrooms, dates, maize  
   Some Acid forming: Sugar, Flour, bread, meat, milk, coffee, eggs, fish, pasta, chicken, vinegar.

Best alcoholic drinks: Good red and white wine, Whiskey in moderation (twice a week limit till results achieved). (None of course if on the wagon)  

If you feel like a snack at any time:  

Microwave a baking potato in its skin.  9 minutes. Add Flora Proactive, Thyme, Parsley, Sage, Marjoram, Oregon and Rosemary, Pepper and a touch of salt. If no microwave, bake in oven, but that may be uneconomic.