by Al Franken
to be published October 27th 2005
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Review by JB
I have only read the extract in The Independent of Friday October 21st 2005 but this is thoughtful stuff with a great deal of truth. In most satire, truth is a casualty in the search for humour; the truth is spiced with tiny but crucial lies or omissions. Often it is aimed at a cynical or disillusioned or shallow audience just looking for an excuse not to care and have a laugh instead. The title of this book has clearly been chosen very carefully. If you are pressed for time, at least read the extract (6 tabloid pages) in the Independent  - but read ALL of it. Unfortunately its not in the Independent online

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Revolt on the Tigris

Mark Etherington's extraordinary tale from the occupation of Iraq

The Prince of the Marshes

Rory Stewart's book, "The Prince of the Marshes: And other Occupational Hazards of a Year in Iraq" documents his experiences as deputy governor of the Iraqi provinces of Amarah and Nasiriyah shortly after coalition forces entered Iraq and describes his struggles to establish a functional government in these regions.

Rory Stewart, while admitting that he was originally a supporter and believer in the removal of Saddam and the reform of Iraq,
now believes it was a mistake ever to have attempted the latter. He thinks that as soon as this was realised, we should
have got out. I cannot go along with him in this. I think it is unrealistic and irresponsible.
Stewart thinks that since our aims are unrealistic and unattainable, his argument is valid.
However, he and others have done their best and in the South, which is the part of Iraq he is talking about.
Because they did not succeed does not mean they should never have tried.
We live in an age where short term success is worshipped.