Of course it would be better if Kosovo had remained an autonomous part of Serbia.
Unfortunately,.genocide as inexcusable as was practiced by Serbia against Albanian Kosovars was always likely to make it impossible for them to accept any subjection or ownership of their land by Serbia.

Serbs still claim ownership of Kosovo. They say that just as the Falklands are part of the UK and we would not let it go, so they will not let Kosovo go. But this is absurd. We had not tried to ethnically cleanse the Falklands in the 20th century. It was inhabited by native Falklanders and people who wished to be British. If the inhabitants of the Falklands had said they wished to be part of Argentina, we could not and would not have invaded to throw out the Argentine invaders. Argentina itself has benefited hugely from the overthrow of Genral Galtieri that followed from his Falklands defeat.

The ownership of Kosovo by Serbs, against the will of its inhabitants, has been lost by their genocidal behaviour. There are Serbs who live in part of Kosovo, and in my view that part of Kosovo, if its inhabitants agree in an overwhelming majority, should become part of Serbia.

Whether Kosovo is economically viable is another matter. There are a great many countries that are not. It could be said that any country that cannot balance its payments or make up the imbalance by a rolling counterbalance of inward investment is not economically viable. The UK is probably about to become economically unviable but we can bluff our way through. The Kosovo economy is impossible to assess as most of it is unoffocial, untraceable and illegal. That probably makes it viable by local standards.

The arguments for NOT supporting Kosovan independence, discounting Serbian arguments which are invalid and just another of their psychological problems, are probably just as strong as those against. However, Kosovars have made the choice NOT to accept any Serb rule and that is that.