FEB 2nd 2006
The car parking charges in Oxford are about to rise again. It is time to get rational about parking nationwide. There is no way public transport can handle all requirements and car drivers should be treated reasonably. At the moment, the most unreasonable aspect of both car-park and meter regulations is the imposition of the maximum fine for the smallest overstay. A £60 fine for a one minute mistake is, quite simply, criminal extortion. Circumstances can conspire against a driver returning to their vehicle. The fine for being late should hurt, but not that much that quickly. There should be a £5 fine for up to 5 minutes, if paid on the same day. A £10 pound fine for 5-10 minutes if paid on the same day. All other overstays can take the full fine as currently set. The councils would not lose, probably gain by getting more quick payers, while motorists would be content they were being fairly treated. It's not rocket science.

JUNE 21st 2006
Go for it Gwyneth! About bloody time.