A recipe for a filling main meal, made very quickly for very little cost.:


(An all-purpose stomach filler with special nutritional value, health-giving properties, graduated energy release, recommended to form part of a balanced diet to achieve and stabilise optimum body weight, enhance immune system, lower cholesterol).

Ingredients Quantities / Qualities
Broccoli A generous handful of florets per person
Cauliflower To match Broccoli
Carrots A handful of small or sliced
Potatoes 2 Medium or 1 Large per person. Leave skins on.
Herbs Mixed Herbs and Herbes de Provence
Spices Salt Pepper Cayenne Nutmeg
Sauce Tomato Ketchup (essential) Worcester (optional)
Margarine Flora Pro-active or Benecol (essential)

Method:  (for microwave cooking only)

Make sure you have all the above and a Pyrex bowl available and to hand.

In a Pyrex bowl of suitable size for the number planned, place the vegetable florets, making sure they are not too large for later mixing in the bowl.

Sprinkle a tablespoon of water over them and add generous sprinklings of herbs as layers build up.

Slice the (washed) potatoes in ¼ inch max slices. Cut large slices in half. Add these in layers sprinkling with herbs and spices.

Cover with cling-film and microwave on 'high' for 10 minutes for 1 person, 18 for 2 persons, 24 for 3 persons or until contents have subsided an inch, indicating vegetables softened under weight of potatoes, and herbs are browned.

Remove bowl from Microwave oven using gloves. Remove cling-film carefully to avoid being scalded by steam and drain off any excess water (this is a tricky operation, as scalding steam will rise out of bowl and contents will fall out if not restrained. Use a colander if available and return to bowl for next stage).

Add a very generous amount (two heaped table spoons per person) of Flora Pro-active (or Benecol if unavailable) and mix like a salad. Add a massive dose of good tomato ketchup; continue to mix adding pepper and salt to taste.

Your Vegetable Scrummage is ready to eat. It is ideal as a midday or evening main course. You may consume as much as you need to feel satisfied.